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Shamanic Group

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  Shamanic Group

Sunday Monthly 11:00 to 15:00
Facilitator: Les Fuller 


Shamanism is the oldest form of worship dating 40,000 to 100,000 years. It works with the spirit in things, and outside our world. 

You will learn to find and connect with your animal totems/power animals. Working with drum/rattle feathers/stones/herbs and much more.  Shamanic healing will be done, and time permitting some will go on a shamanic journey. 

The workshop will involve everyone who attends.
There will be a break for lunch, Please bring your own lunch if required.

There are many levels to shamanism, we will touch a few as a level 1 workshop. If you have a drum or rattle bring it along.

'I have been working with this for many years, and have a vast knowledge of shamanic practice including native American.' Les Fuller

Just Come allong, there is no longer any need to book, all now are welcome.
Please bring your own refresments.

£10 Per Session, pay at the door. 

  Shamanic Group Dates 2022



January 16th

  February 20th
  March 20th
  April 10th
  May 15th
  June 19th
  July 17th
  August 14th
  September 18th Canceled
  October 16th
  November 20th
  December 11th (Just Added)

  Shamanic Group Dates 2023



January 29th

  February 26th
  March 26th
  April 30th
  May 28th
  June 25th
  July 30th
  August 27th
  September 24th
  October 29th
  November 26th
  December No Workshop this month

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