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Notice Board

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Visiting The Church
Please read the following before attending our Church.
  1. Covid regulations have ended in England. However, Covid has not gone away and the church still has to maintain a safe environment for all who enter. 
  2. We request you do not come to the church. If you are feeling unwell, have any Covid symptoms (3), you are advised to isolate or have tested positive in the last 7 days.
  3. New variants common symptoms: high temperature - Sore throat - Headache - Blocked nose - Cough with or without phlegm - Runny nose - Hoarse voice - Sneezing - Fatigue - Muscle pains/aches - Dizziness light-headed - Swollen neck glands - Eye soreness - Altered smell or taste - Chest pain tightness - Fever - Chills or shivers - Shortness of breath - Earache.
    Many of this list are common too many other infections suffered in winter times.

  4. There is no legal requirement for social distancing, We would like all attending to feel comfortable so allow a little more space than before covid. 
  5. Covid is an airborne virus! From January 27th 2022, face coverings are no longer required by law. Medical professionals suggest wearing a covering over the mouth in enclosed spaces. Wearing of face covering is your personal choice, please be considerate to others.

For the most up to date information about your health and Coronavirus

Mediums may still become unavailable at short notice. We will do our best to run services as advertised but sometimes we will have to replace Mediums or cancel services.

Jan 2023

 London Ultra Low emission Zone

The Church is now included in The London Ultra Low emission Zone. (ULEZ) If you drive any vehicle, even a small distance that is not classified as EURO (3,4 or 6) for emissions, there will be a daily fee to drive within the (ULEZ). To drive into the London Congestion Charge Zone, charges are payable as well as the ULEZ Charges.
The zone will operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year, except Christmas day.

More information is available at TFL Website to check your vehicle is compliant to (ULEZ) standards, exemptions, charges and payments. follow the link below.

Transport For London ULEZ 2021

  Feb 2021
 England Public Holidays 2024
1st January Monday New Year’s Day
29th March Friday Good friday
1st April Monday Easter Monday
6th May Monday Early May bank holiday
27th May Monday Spring bank holiday
26th August Monday Summer bank holiday
25th December Wednesday Christmas Day
26th December Thursday Boxing Day
  Dec 2023
 Church Membership

Church membership is open to all, the annual membership at a cost of £5.00 Membership runs from January the first to December thirty-first.

Membership entitles you to have a say in the running of the church and vote at the church's Annual General Meeting.
For more information or to become a member just ask any committee member at the back of the church.

  Apr 2022

  Privacy Statement
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