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This page is dedicated to two souls that have given great service to the modern day church


Reginald Edward Golding (Reg)


Reg has been a most wonderful friend - colleague and fellow traveller on the Spiritual path to our Church and to all and everyone who needed his help. He has worked tirelessly and continually for the Spiritualist movement and also served the greater human society in so many ways. To say that he will be greatly missed, is a vast understatement; but to say that he will be remembered, is a true measure of the man.

His strength and courage as a humane Spiritual Soul and the work he has done as a Spiritual medium for so many years, is unparalleled. His Spiritual work has brought great comfort and support to so many people at their times of need, and needless to say, Reg has been our Church president since 2013.
We would now like to thank Reg for all his work and help over the years and raise a Spiritual glass of sincere thankfulness and hope that his work will now continue in Gods greater Sky.

We dedicate this poem to the memory of our dear President.



Toward the One.


To the wonder of great flight this day replaces night and spirit fly’s on Heart-felt wings free and unashamed it sings.........

Of a melody so deep the cleavaged Heart alone to keep of sympathy so strong and pure the highest note itself the cure.........

In pure devotion Love here stands as spirit’s merge to make one hand life`s secret held for all to see loves skyward voyage – eternity.........

As if on great white wings to fly this dove of peace into Gods sky carrying seeds of a flower full grown yet ready now to be re-sown.........

In a greater garden – a vaster land a higher service to command and beauty’s child’s inheritance be the claimant of such mystery.........

For all who Love this wonderful man in deeper self will understand his hopes – his dreams – his service done is one step closer - toward the One.

God Bless You Reg.


Colin Malcolm Geoffrey Rands


Colin passed to Spirit Passed to Spirit 6th April 2018 Aged 71 years

Colin served Woodford spiritualist church, quietly. Many may not know the work he undertook as committee member looking after the running of the church and it's funds.

His Skills are missed today. God Bless You Colin


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