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Church Notices


Dear all
Where did this year go? here we are again in December.

I think the church has had a better year with a few more things taking place, next year we will have even more. We know covid is here to stay like the flu so we will have to put up with it.

The last private readings was a lovely afternoon, everyone happy and we made £620  for Great Ormand Street Hospital.
A big thank you to everyone that has helped to keep our church open.
The committee has had a lot of changes this year and we have all worked very hard and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Have a good Christmas and New Year break.

A healthy New Year.
See you all in 2024
God bless
Love and Rainbows
Iris, Church President.
3rd December 2023 

The church needs people with many talents to keep the doors open. if you feel you have time and skill to offer why not help the church? 
Where there is a requirement for certification, eg Electrics, Gas, etc we will always employ certified professionals but that leaves lots of other jobs we can do with a hand.

Holiday Closures

Last date Dec 2023

Next Event Jan 2024

Shamanic Group

Sunday 26th Nov

14th Jan

Church Services

Sunday 17th Dec
Monday 18th Dec

Sunday 7th
Monday 8th


Wednesday 13th Dec

Wed 10th


None After
Thursday 14th Dec

Speak to Rita for end and start dates.

Open Circle

Friday 15th

Fri 12th

Church Website Tuesday 19th : No updates until annual adjustments are made for 2024

 Church Services

10th Dec

Sunday Divine Service at 18:00
Marcia Jolly

11th Dec

Monday Service at 14:00
Stevie Fraine

Healing Services 14:00 to 16:00 & 19:00 to 21:00
(last admission at 20:45)
Workshops & Events Short Description

No Events until 2024


 Church Committee
Jan 22 2024 Church Committee Meeting
for Committee Members only
Weekly Activities
Thursday Yoga with Rita Girling 
Friday Open Circle with John Jenkins £3.00 19:30
Read More Charity

Change Time Format  

Covid-19 & Mediums
At this time of year, we are reminded that COVID-19 is still circulating in our society. and as winter comes so do the flu and cold viruses. If you are feeling unwell or have symptoms of flu or Covid look after yourself and resist coming to church until you feel better.
We apologize for any change of Mediums at short notice. notice


Church Membership.

If you are not a member of the church, you are welcome to become a church member.

Your membership allows you to vote at the church's AGM.

The cost for 2023 has not changed at £5.00 to all.

Church Charity 2023
At the church AGM held on April 23rd 2023, the church selected Great Ormand Street Hospital to be the church's charity for 2023.

Friday Open Circle
The Friday 'open circle' with John Jenkins meets every Friday at 7.30 Entry £3.00 per session. (Last Entry 7.30)
Open circles allow one to learn to trust spirit and your guides. Allowing one to expand your knowledge and guiding your direction in life's journey.
The circle is open to all, who wish to learn.


Website QR Code.
You will start to notice on Publicity material for the church a QR Code square of dots and circles, it is a quick way to get to view the church website, QR Codes are just like a bar code on your can of beans, except it can contain letters as well as numbers.
So if you have a phone that can read QR codes, try it. It will make finding out what is happening at the church quicker and simpler.

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